Obligatory Disclaimer

Obligatory Disclaimer

First off – I feel an obligation to ameliorate any perceptions of pretension, specifically for the name of this site. I do so, but still choose to use the word ‘ameliorate’ when addressing that concern. If you sense a contradiction here, it’s because there is one. But please know, under this unapologetic facade, is someone who really hates pretension.

However – I also hate limitation, and limiting my word choice is going to add arguably negative value to the site. I’ll opt to pontificate, rather than shoot you straight, if it means I can refine this superfluous bullshit into something comprehensible over time. In the meantime, maybe you’ll learn a word or two, or at least how to cut through dense, opaquely written bullshit, to find a modicum of my intentions.

As for my intentions, perhaps I should state them here (Like that transition? Fucking garbage, but I’m keeping it).

While tentative, I most like the idea of a productive integration of individual perspectives. Perhaps we can collectively build a organism of value, although I concede I have no strategy to ensure success on this front. I think currently the only reasonably safe predicate is that each cog (cell, organ, whatever analogy you prefer) needs to be a thoughtful one.

Other than this, I don’t care what it is you wish to create. If you have a good argument for why we should all be fucking our grandmas, then I’d be happy to have it on the site. If you have a funny joke about fucking grandmas, that is welcome too.

I want only negligible autonomy over this structure. Without a brain, most complex organisms fail (that’s perspicacious writing right there). I do not believe myself to be prudent enough to function as this blog’s sole acumen. I’d rather take part in something that collectively assumes that role.

Because of this, you my dear reader, play a vital part in the development of this site. Obviously we can’t let every Tom, Dick, and Harry have full range here; most Toms, some Dicks, and all Harrys are idiots that only stand to desecrate our beautiful symbiont.

I like to think an algorithm to differentiate between these defilers and valuable constituents is hidden in the platform we choose. I am currently leaning centre-left on a blog-forum spectrum. But until I – or some of you – flesh out a course of action, a measly comment section will suffice.

Obviously, although I’m going to pretend this isn’t true, most anyone reading this is already a close friend. Perhaps this will grow into a viable, and diverse ecosystem of thought. I have no delusions about the probability of this; I realize it is highly unlikely, but nevertheless I think this will still be a rewarding endeavor.

As for what you can expect me to write about: drugs, philosophy, psychology, movies, and religion, I imagine, will encompass the bulk of my content. I hope that the rest of you, in interacting with this page, can fill in the cracks and build new monuments.

Finally – to encourage your participation, I’ve decided to include a “Fuck Jansen” page. Shitting on Jansen seems to be a beautiful bonding experience that readily galvanizes every party participating. Take the vigor you find here and promulgate it across other, perhaps more intellectually stimulating, domains. 

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